Copy protected!help please

:doh I have clonedvd and am trying to copy sum films but cant get past “this dvd is copy protected” can anyone help me please, the films are beyone the sea and racing stripes. thanx 2 ne1 out there ps pls spk slowly natural blone at large!!!

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Can you explain better how do you obtain this error? After inserting the movie on the drive or after launching clonedvd?

Hi, i’m very new to this so hope i dont make 2 many mistakes. after doing the usual procedure, instead of letting me copy a film it comes up with a box that says “this dvd is copy protected. you may use css decoding tools available on the internet” but i dont have the pc knowledge to follow up on that.

just get dvd decrypter to rip it

sos, dont know what that is!!

for the copy protection removal, i’d use Anydvd, work great with clonedvd, get it from

You can use dvd decrypter to rip the disc on your HD, but you can also use anydvd to use with clonedvd. anydvd should avoid you this problem. You can find anydvd in slysoft website

:doh: I typed too slowly

I’m really sorry to be so dumb!!! I cant work out how it all works together. I have got anydvd on my pc but cant seem to make it do anything. If I try to open anydvd nothing happens. i have managed to copy via clonedvd before w/o problems as it takes you thru it step by step so dont really understand why it keeps showing me this window now.

by the way, just so you all know, it took me 2 days just to work out how to post a question on the forum, i’m not the most pc literate person on the planet :o

anydvd is running in background, and decrypt on the fly the dvd, letting clonedvd to work without problems.

Are you sure to have latest versions of both anydvd and clonedvd?

by the way, just so you all know, it took me 2 days just to work out how to post a question on the forum, i’m not the most pc literate person on the planet

Don’t worry :slight_smile:

Nobody here will blame you. I can give you another trick :wink:

If you want modify your post, you can do pressing the “Edit” button.

agree with geno, download the latest versions.

but only for 30mins after you posted it :wink:

I always download when slysoft email with new versions so I assume i’m up to date? If it runs in the background does that mean that I dont need 2 access anydvd to actually make it work?


make sure the fox icon is in your task pane, that means it’s running

So am I doing something wrong or have I just got a dvd that cannot be copied. I looked on a search engine for ‘tools to copy’ on the internet like the message said and it came back with this website but not the how 2’s etc, and i would like to thank all for their help so far and so quickly 2.

Have downloaded latest but now have to re-start pc and am worried I won’t be able to get back to here so if I disappear off the face of cdfreaks i’m not being rude just stupid. Thanks every1 and hope to spk again in a min :bow: .

Don’t worry. we’ll remain here :slight_smile:

omg I’m back and now i’ve got lil foxy back on my task bar!! Where do I go from here please?

now that anydvd is running try again to use clonedvd

YOU SUPERSTARS!!! Thank you so much it’s working!!! I feel very very silly now!?! and in future i’ll make sure lil old fox is where he should be. This is the first time that I have done anything like this (I know - saddo!) and averyone has been great, thanx very much. Don’t know the correct way to sign out so bye everyone and thanx again for you invaluable help. Woda1 x