Copy protected game cd

I am a new user with Windows XP and I am trying to make a backup copy of Flight Simulator 2004 with CLONE CD and CLONY XXL

I have made 3 copy so far and none work.

What am I doing wrong.

I need a step by step type of help.



What protection does the game use? What did ClonyXXL report. What burner do you have?

If it is latest safedisc 2.8/2.9+ then CloneCD with a 2 sheep burner does not always work. You will need Fireburner to burn a CloneCD image or a DiscDump Image.

If its securom, you will need a program called twinpeaks to patch the CloneCD image before burning it with CloneCD.

Always burn and read slower in case of Safedisc and Securom to be safe and use good blank media.

ALL of this is in the FAQ, and far better elaborated than my summary here.

There is a whle other thread on Flight Simulator 2004.

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