Copy protected DVD-ROM games

After numerous unsuccesful attempts to copy CMR2005 and LOTR: battle for middle-earth, I am just asking … Is it possible to copy copy protected DVD-ROM games?

Alcohol 120%, CloneCD, BlindWrite doesn’t seem to support the above mentioned protections … so, we are waiting or is anything we could do right now?

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DVD games cannot be backed-up 1:1 at the moment. DVD writes cannot write DVD’s in RAW mode which is needed for protection’s. Try Game Jackal


I still don’t understand why SlySoft said they implemented a SafeDisc DVD backup feature to CloneCD. Its just stupid when we all know you can’t!!


So I can´t backup any of my DVD games? That´s bad, very bad

Someone said my DVD is “2 sheep”. Wasn´t it suppose to copy all the protections?

No. 2 Sheep is only to be applied with copy protections that employ the Weak Sectors protection. Besides, this rating will only apply to the CD Copying side of your drive, not DVD.

i understand that you can’t copy dvd games but can you copy defectiv sectors?

I tried to burn an backup from a dvd and had a defectiv sector at the very beginning so i tried to burn the image again this time on an DVD-RW and i got the same defect sector as on the first try.

I dont think you can copy CMR2005 at the moment, but you can copy LOTR: TBFME.

Just read the DVD with Alcohol 120%, then burn the image to a DVD-R as a file (with Nero or something), and then mount the image from the DVD-R with Alcohol 120%/Deamon tools.

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just adding: this does work even for the newest versions of safedisc(dvd), but not with new SecuROM because of blacklisting…

Start up your regedit.exe, go to address : [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\MountedDevices]

Right click on it, deny raed access for Administrators. Now the Securom V7 Blacklisting is gone. (You also have to install ALcohol in expert mode and change the name of the drivers to aliascsi,getoscsi-try something must be same Number of Letters as before)
Also you have to change Daemon’s Virtual Drive to something new instead of Generic DVD ROM V1.0.


Just for the general purpose of this topic.

DVD-ROM games are not necessarily uncopiable. Not all DVD-ROM games are copy protected, and some can be copied with as easy methods as copying the files from the DVD to another blank DVD. However, with DVD Games with copy protection (most common you’ll find around are SafeDisc DVD and SecuROM DVD) require, to make a sound hard copy backup, a DVD writer capable of writing in RAW mode(as do most CD Copy Protected games require the game to be RAW read and RAW written) which unfortunately most/all DVD writers cannot natively do at the present time.

The new version of Alcohol 120% now copies Securom DVD’s using RMPS.

I just backup up Forgotten Realms - Demon Stone DVD successfully.
This also runs fine from an image if SecuROM is “killed” firstly.

:iagree: Mounted “killed” image of Perimeter. SecuROM Will try burning it off 2moro.


if the registry hack has to be used, I wouldn’t consider that a success, and neither would most people who wouldn’t want to venture into the registry to “kill” securom v7.

I consider any backup a success if it can be done successfully and it can be done legally.

I believe Kitna and VirusHack have done that.

The registry hack is only needed if you want to play from an image.
I am reasonably sure this will not be needed for much longer. Once D-Tools 4 is released this will be a thing of the past.

I agree completely. The point is to be able to backup our originals. This is possible now.

Just burn the image off and it even works in my very very picky 103! :bigsmile: Also it works in my lite-on. I think these are the first steps tobe able to back-up DVD-ROM games.




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