Copy Protected DVD Image

I am trying to make an image of a copy protected DVD using Alcohol 120%. I have done this before for other copy protected media using the ignore errors checkbox and it took about 2 hours to image the CD. So far, this DVD is in its 16th hour and is still only 19% complete. Can anyone tell me if this is normal? Is there a quicker way to do it? Apparently, it is not taxing my system much because the CPU usage is only at about 30-40% ans the memory buffer is at 0%. I an using a Plextor 708-A, which I just read I can increase my rip speed from 2x to 18x by holding down my eject button… will this help? Sorry, but I am new to this! I am also using a 1.6GHz p4 & 640MB Ram.

You guys were a lot of help last time I had a CD problem, so any help is greatly appreciated!