Copy-protected CDs quietly slip into stores



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For the last several months, consumers in ordinary record stores around the world have unwittingly been buying CDs that include technology designed to discourage them from making copies on their…

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Sigh. when there is a will there is a way. Charge 6.95 and i will buy all the cd’s but so much music is crap…


Right. C’mon u cracker dudes. Break this stupid thing in two, then the music companies will drop it and the problem will go away. :slight_smile:


I hate this stupid bullsh!t: if I want to make a cd from cds I already own such as a best of cd, I think I have the right. Now the fact that this protection actually diminishes the quality of the cd is also bullsh!t as everyone prefers cds instead of mp3s since they are better quality. Also, I’m sure this protection costs a deal of money so does that mean companies are going to push that down our throats with even MORE expensive prices?!! We do not even want this crap and we are going to end up paying for it… :r


Since they have to license the technology and in the end want to charge us more for it. I think they should ship two versions of the music CDs. One at the higher price that includes the anti-copy technology, and a cheaper version without it. :wink:


If you can’t do in the digital way (ripping),copy it in the oldfashion way, connect a cd player in the sounboard and go. this is just a stupid protection…


I still wonder how this technology works, since it is a 1:1 copy in the digital domain and shouldnt get any worse.


I would just plug in to the 3.5mm phones jack and go direct into my sound card and rip the entire thing that way :8 GreeTs from the Cold UK