Copy protected cd

hello guys,
i m new to this site(registered today only).
k i m coming to the point.
I have a cd which contains image(.gif) files which is in the form of .exe type,
i am using windows 7, using snipping tool application i can able to take screenshots of the image files but it doesnt have good quality for some OCR purpose. so i copy the files from cd and paste it in my local drive. but when i open that one of the copied file from my local drive, it prompts “the file is protected with copy protect and can run only from the drive it is prepared for”. is it possible to bypass the copy protection and retreive original image file in the gif format? thanks in advance.

Hello lucky6011 and welcome to the forum :flower:

I notice you’ve been around the forum so to speak, so I step in and answer a little about my findings :wink:

First of all, please do not spam around the forum with several posts in the same thread. It does not help emphasizing any question and may lessen the chance of getting a reply at all.

Secondly, since you seem to be simply eager to get help with no malicious intent. Be aware that this forum does not take part in cracking of software, we may help you in making backups of protected media though, in the name of fair use.
I am aware of unnecessary restrictions on PDF and other media intended for viewing which breaks the fair use principle, like printing. Fair use dictates you should be able to read it any way you want and so to achieve fair use, it needs to be cracked.

I do not have the solution for Hexalock for PDF since I’ve never come across the protection (checked before buying to avoid such unnecessary restrictions) or any fix for exe gifs with no name of the protection, but a screen dump should should be the same quality as the original apart from it not being GIF anymore which is no larger challenge unless it is an animation.
Since I have some experience and on a general level, whatever you can view on your screen in clear text/graphic can be defeated, you may need to refine your search or look elsewhere in terms of technology to achieve your goal, that’s all.

Thanks mate,
K I won’t post here and there here after.
Googled about this but no use. In this forum ppl discuss abt hexalock back in 2006. Also they are talking about xp not 7. So I am started here new one. Hope I ll get some help.

Hi again, I added a post to the original HexaLock thread with some general hints. It is better to keep all concerning HexaLock in one thread, and since it relates to the rest in the thread… You can find it here :slight_smile: