Copy Protected CD Game?



Posted this in the newbie section - Im sure someone has asked this before, but a search did not turn up anything useful:

I have a copy of MS Combat Flight Sim 3, which I have noticed has a few marks on, although still installs and plays fine.
decided to make a copy just in case , though, however cannot get it to go.
have tried CloneCD and game Jack - both will not read the CD.
game Jack keeps coming up with loads of bad sectors.
If I copy all the files to my HDD and burn a copy, the game will not run, so I assume some copy protection.
I this really good copy protection, or is my CD stuffed?
Cheers :slight_smile:


well, a search for “Combat Flight” would have some success, but to make it simple:
the read-errors are part of the copy protection used, they should be up to sector 10.000 or whatever, depending on the exact version of the SafeDisc protection found on the cd.
it’s an old one, a Safedisc 2.X…
just try alcohol 120%, use the burner to read and write the cd, choose the safedisc profile, set read AND write speed to 4x and copy it. this should work - partly depending on your hardware…
btw: it can be that your drive cannot skip the read-errors fast, so it might take up to 3-4 hours to read the cd, just let it do it’s job and don’t use the pc for other things while reading and writing…


Many thanks for you quick response.
The read errors were taking ages, so perhaps I was being to impatient.
I have just go a new PC, and cant remember the make/model of the drive :o

I will have another go tonite!



has anyone succesfully copied this?
I made 5 coasters last night…


Tryed CloneCD and this guide?



with emulation :Z


OK, may have chucked away a good copy then.
Didnt know about the emulation thing.
Could someone please explain that to me?
sorry for the dumbass stuff, bit new to this :o