Copy protected Audio CDs

Hi, I’m pretty sure this topic has been asked few times, but I can’t seem to get a satisfactory/complete answer. They’re mostly linked to here and there and I find the guides more geared towards game discs. With everything intertwined I get more confused. Maybe I’m just dumb, but please bear with me.

So here I am asking the question:
My sis ter bought some CDs from Japan and I wanted to rip em and put it in the network so we can both enjoy them. Problem is, the CDs are copy protected. Some can only be played with it’s built-in player (which is damn annoying) One of em has some sort activation thing, it won’t let residents outside japan to listen to it, and they need to register(wtf???). These protection schemes are getting ridicilous.

Now my sis and I use foobar2000 to play our music. I use EAC to rip CDs. My CD ROM drive is a Plextor Plexwriter 12/10/32A.
EAC can read the audio tracks after I selected “Detect TOC Manually”. However, when I try to rip it, I get an error message:

Exact Audio Copy couldn’t detect a matching read command for this CD-ROM drive.

You should try to activate the autodetection of the read command in the drive options dialog.

If you have to select a specific read command, e.g. because autodetection hang the system, you should make sure to select the correct one !

Just experiment with these switches and if it still does not work, please report your drive configuration.

The autodection IS on, so I have no idea what the problem is.
One more thing, I read some posts about pops and cracks after ripping. How do I get around this with EAC (or other proggie)? Is it possible to get a perfect rip at all?

Thank you in advance.


I have been looking around also. And I have found great guides and hints on this forum. 100th Window is one of the good ones.

But it depends very much on your cd-rom drive, other than your software. But a recommendable software advise is CDex 1.51 - which is free software. I had not problems ripping a CDS copy protected CD.

Put read the link I have you - it gives good help!


use clony xxl to detect what is the copy protection, i bet it’s cactus data shield. To bypass cactus data shield with a plextor it’s not very dificult, just run plextools and choose enable single session, Insert the copy protectd cd and open Alcohol 120%, select create image and use the options ignore reading errors and read subchannel data, and that’s it…
The result will be a perfect copy no clicks or gaps…; and the backup loses the protection :slight_smile: