Copy-protected audio CDs heading for the American market

I just posted the article Copy-protected audio CDs heading for the American market.

According to a Wall
Street analyst, copy-protected audio CDs may be headed for the American market in bulk
this year. A subsidiary of BMG Music
(Arista Records) appears to be moving…

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Copy protected audio cds he ha ha OK I can’t wait to copy them :d

Ha ha ha ha, All with you Cyberbob…lemmie have them… Put them right to mp3…and…:d Best greetz, Lenco

Oh well since you have the mp3’s covered I guess I’ll rip mine to ogg lol.

OK… how many times have we heard this before??? I have personally copied all these “so called” copy protections. Again, the easiest way, is to record audio into your PC’s sound card using Windows Sound Recorder! What a joke… the music industry should have bought Napster from the begining! I have the ultamate solution to the music industry’s retailing problems and its called the CS2CD :slight_smile: You will be amazed on how f***ing stupid record company execs are… they really belive this “copy protection” theory is their Noah’s ark. I have personally sat with the tech “Big Wigs” at both WMG(warner music group) and BMG… and you know what they pushed in my face? DATAPLAY… thats right they was in full suport of DATAPLAY before they went belly up :d I have just finalized the CS2CD version 2.0, SACD,DVD-A, and copy protections will desolve, and just as the “pirates of silicon valley” did in the 80’s some guy in his garage just revolutionized an industry :wink: