Copy-protected audio CDs - can they still classified as compact disc?

I just posted the article Copy-protected audio CDs - can they still classified as compact disc?.

 flashback091 used our    news submit  to tell us  about an interesting article over at The Age. When an audio CD has been  copy-protected, can it still be classified as a compact disc? This...
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I’d like to point out they wrote “[B]as set out in the list of requirements on the back of the case.[/B]” which they basically say your player needs to conform to the requirements listed on the CD. They don’t try to say the protection is part of the Compact Disc standard… sounds like fancy wording to make you forget about the protection is not part of the CD spec, and you should just blame the Xbox, and not EMI.
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Yeah, but if there’s a compact disc logo on there and it’s not red book then sue the bastards - thay deserve it!

I honestly think they should be forced to put a big black and white sign on the FRONT of the CD, just like this one: where it would say: Warning: This CD is not a Compliant Audio-CD. See requirements at the back. Hell, if they do want us to know that the lyrics are explicit, We do want them to tell us that their product is non-standard, beforehand… not in a tiny writing at the back of the case where it’s likely to be covered by the shop’s price tag and bar codes!!! They SOOOO have to !!! Otherwise, it would be like selling electrical appliances with foreign plugs or cars with specific fuel requirements… or even better, books with no warranty on the language chosen… just like: well our book is in chinese… can’t read chinese… tough! :d
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