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How come I can record TV onto SKy Plus then onto DVD recorder,and make backups of this but I cannot import DVD into Nero recode as message says “Cannot Import CSS Copy Protected DVD”


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Like I say I can make backups using Nero Burning Rom in Nero 6 ,but Nero Recode wont allow me to import the DVD in order to edit.I could get other copy software like the one you suggest but its editing I want to do(trimming etc). Maybe this is not allowed, but copying for backup is allowed.


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As far as I am aware the Sky+ box will keep any copy protection flag that is broadcast when the programme is aired. It shoudn’t have any CSS protection on it. If it is the problem with a copy protection flag (I think that things like Sky Box Office have movies that broadcast with it) AnyDVD will not help you - Slysoft have already said that.


Nero is giving you a generic error message. It is reading “DVD” media, but it doesn’t have a ‘broadcast flag’ error code to reference against. That is why you are receiving a CSS error.


The trouble is this css error message is happening with my own personal dvd’s as well eg. holiday tapes copied to DVD and VHS backups to DVD.The one thing all these DVD’s have in commom is that they have all been recorded on the Liteon LVW DVD recorder.If I get a DVD from another source I do not get this copy protect message.I am starting to think the Liteon recorder is to blame.


I am able to make back up copies of the whole disc but cannot do any editing.I think I need to let someone have a DVD and see if they can edit it then let me know what software they used.thanks for the input.


try ulead movie factory 4.0


yep tried free trial of moviefactory 4 and it works well but for the moment i am content to record onto RW discs on the Liteon DVD recorder and then make backups using nero