Copy probs with Blindwrite

hi i just started using BLINDWRITE

when i start to copy a cd the read just get slower and slower starting around 200 then dropping to 50 and below i tried leaving it running but after about an hour just gave up.

i have an LG8160b cdr (which is on their recomemded list)
win xp
p3 550
528 mb ram

any ideas ???

Does this happen with all backups you are trying to make, or just a few ones?
If it is only a few, it would be useful to know which ones, perhaps a copy protection scheme that is not handled very well by Blindwrite.

everything i have tried so far does this

desert storm
gta 3
battelfield 1942

i cant figure out whats wrong my brother uses this program and has no probs with his hp cdr but i cant get it to work.

All those games are safedisc 2 protected so you must expect the initial reading to be very slow but it shouldn’t take an hour + to get through the first ~10,500 sectors.

However, you might try using daemon tools’ fastdump procedure to enable the bad sector area to be read quite quickly. Once blindread (or any other dumping program) has finished reading the first ~10,500 sectors it will read the remainder of the cd (usually ~300,000 sectors) in only a few minutes.