Copy Problems

Hello, i have been trying to copy several discs using clonedvd2 and anydvd on my laptop but seem to be having problems when writing to blank media.
I use the same programs on my desktop without any problems.
The problem is that clone will read the original disc without any problems but when i try writing to my disc it gets to 54% copied and then stops.
I have slowed the speed down to that of my desktop 2 - 2.4 but still no good.
I have used these blank disc for ages (ridisc extreme dvd-r) without ever having one coaster until now.
any help would be appreciated.
sorry if i`m in the wrong section but this is the one i was forwarded to from slysofts site.

What is the burner you are using in your laptop? Does it have the latest, up to date firmware?

How is the burner connected to your laptop? Internal or external? If external is it firewire or USB2?

There can be a problem with the same media in different burners, so just because it works in your desktop, your laptop burner might not like it.