Copy problems



i am using dvd decrypter to decrypt my dvds then when i try to copy to disc using either nero or nti copy programs my film is split into segments that wont play on my pc or dvd player as one continuos film can anyone help me please its driving me nuts.


You have to rip with dvd decryptor then compress with another program before you burn to dvd…
A good easy combination would be clonedvd\anydvd
Or a free option would be dvd decryptor and dvdshrink


Or, you could ditch your current method and just use DVD X Copy to copy DVD’s from disc to disc. It is not freeware, however the company which created it was forced out of business by the movie industry, so you can get a cracked copy and you’re not “stealing.”


so you can get a cracked copy and you’re not “stealing.”

Not true if you live in the States unless it’s Fair share.


just try dvd decryptor with dvd shrink. they are both free. give me an email in a pm and ill send you an easy guide to follow in only 4 steps