Copy Problem

I’ve tried to make a backup of Baldurs Gate 2 Shadows of Amn using clonecd version, the copy protection scanner I used said that the disc only used cd checks as protection but whenever I try to play the game from the backup it just hangs my system, if I press ctrl + alt + del it says that Baldurs Gate is not responding. Gamecopyworld had a page showing how to do a copy of any protected cd with a RAW compatible reader and writer and I followed the instructions to the letter but still the same thing happens, anybody made a copy and what settings did you use.



What kind of writer do you have? CD-Checks can also indicate the game uses some sort of SubChannel Data. Try reading the disc with both (just to be sure) SubChannel Data options enabled. You need a reader that can read the Subs though and a writer that can write them. Check for a list of supported recorders.

I have a Mirai 16/10/40 & a Philips 16/10/40 and I’ve tried burning it in both with subchannel data and audio both checked but still no joy, anything else I could try.


well clonyXL recommends these settings
everything on except dont report read errors

I wouldn’t recommend selecting all settings. Try reading at a lower speed and make sure the drive actually support the reading and writing of SC Data. I don’t know your writer type so check the CloneCD URL I gave you… Please report back!

I have managed the copy now thanks, I took Administrators advice and just selected both the subchannels on the read option and I used discjuggler to burn them back to cd, worked a treat.

Many Thanks