Copy problem



copy problem with the social network


We would need a lot more info from you to help you.

To start with what program are you using to backup your copy of Social Network.


Iuse dvd fab 8068


I did not have any problems with this Title using the paid version of DVDFab vers

It can also be done using older versions of DVDFab

What errors are you getting? Can you describe what it is doing?


I get a read error


Have you cleaned the disc?
Do you get read errors on other discs?

Is this a BluRay or Regular DVD?


[QUOTE=hill51g;2569009]I get a read error[/QUOTE]

Have you tried cleaning the disc ? see guide on cleaning below…
also do you have another drive you can try it in ? some drives are better at reading problematic sectors.


I just trie dvd decrypter and dvd shrink and it is working. thanks.