Copy problem



Hi guys
I hope someone can advise me but I’m trying to make a backup of an educational disk called WordShark 3s and am having no joy, I’ve tried both clone cd and blindwrite, both seem to copy well and I can even install the copy but for some reason the copied disk wont run?? (it’s a “insert disk to run” program) I’ve tried what little I know and would welcome any help or advice greatly.
Thanks in advance


Welcome Henry11,

scan the installation folder of WordShark 3s using Protection ID so we may know which protection is used and then look for a way to backup your disc.


Ran protection id but not sure if I did it correctly, it says that there is no or unknown protection??


Here’s a guide how to use it


Thank you Kalas I ran it again and found [!] Safedisc 4.00.001 detected ! is that what you were looking for?


Yes. Is it a CD or DVD disc? You got anything else installed except blindwrite and clonecd (daemon tools, Alcohol,…)?


it’s a cd and clone cd, clone dvd2 and blindwrite are all I have


First of all update CloneCD and Blindwrite to the latest release. Then you can try this guide if it doesn’t work post again.

p.s. Use a CDRW so you don’t waste any CDR media.


That did the trick!! I updated my clone cd and followed the instructions and now it works just fine :slight_smile: one question though will I only be able to use the program on machines with that version of clone cd installed on them? (it’s not a problem just curious)
Thanks for all your help


Yes. You’re Welcome.


You can make an image of wordshark with alcohol to your hardrive. Then install the image (mount it) using daemon tools. You’ll find it will run the software fine. I got the same software.