Copy problem



I recently downloaded a film, I have converted it and burn it onto a DVD disk ( all is well so far). when I try to create a copy from it onto a blank disk that’s when the prob starts, it keep ejecting the disk in the copy bay and saying it’s a wrong disk. I’ve tried + & - disks but having same prob……it’s driving me crazy !!!


it would seem, that we need more details… Which program are you using,
tell us how you start off the program, which option you use…

Tell us about your hardware


No, please don’t. I don’t think AnyDVD is helpful “with downloaded” films.


:iagree: Olli :iagree:

From Forum’s rules:

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I was just messing with the guy, I wasn’t serious, I know it’s agaist forum rules to try and burn downloaded movies…

I was going to have the guy try all kinds of things :wink:



you don’t need to justify yourself… :wink: