Copy problem, Help!



I am trying to do a disc to disc copy as I’ve done about, well, countless times (with Nero). And the disc will not copy. It says the disc I am trying to copy to does not have enough room! But they are both single layer dvd5 dvds!

The only thing I can think of is this. I use dvd+r and the disc I am trying to copy is a dvd-r. Dvd-r has about 2 or 3 MB’s more space on it then a dvd+r and this dvd-r is filled to capacity…so I suppose my blank dvd+r would not enough room would they? That is the only thing I can come up with that might be the problem.

I tried copying other dvd-r discs to the +r and no go, same message comes up. But, I can copy dvd+r to dvd+r just fine and ****ing dandy.

If this is the problem, is there a way around it besides encoding the whole disc with dvdshrink? Surely this problem has come up before? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: I just tried copying a smaller dvd-r to a dvd+r and it still would not copy to it. Are these two formats not able to do the copy to copy thing because they are two different formats?


The maximum size for a DVD+R disc is around 4383MB. Try to copy the VIDEO_TS folder to the hard drive, then use Nero to burn the VIDEO_TS folder on the hard drive to the DVD+R using DVD MOVIE mode.


Okay, I’ll try that, but I would have thought that that folder would still be too large.


It would probably be too big to fit to one DVD-5. Just check the size of the VIDEO_TS folder.


actually, you need to add about another 100mb to that figure. 4.7 billion bytes ~ 4482mb.


Okay, but it is on a dvd-5. Anyway, I’ll try copying it to my hdd and see what happens when I try to burn it then. If it’s not going to fit though, it’s still a problem.

As said, I can copy dvd+r to dvd+r just fine. So, maybe if I had some blank dvd-r, the dvd-r would fit onto another one like it just fine. I just had no idea that you couldn’t copy one to the other.


have you tried using software other than nero? such as dvd decrypter?


No, I haven’t. I don’t even have decrypter downloaded. I didn’t want to have to re-encode the movie though, just copy from disc to disc.

Has anyone here ever tried copying a filled to capacity dvd-r disc to a dvd+r disc?


re-encode? dvd decrypter just rips the contents of the dvd. you can rip it to an iso and then burn the iso with dvd decrypter.


Well, I normally use dvdshrink when shrinking dvd9 movies, or any movies that are originals and I am making copies of. And part of that process says it is “encoding”. So, I thought decrypter did the same thing. Like dvdshrink, I thought it would “encode” it and then like dvdshrink, burn the file it creates.

Seems like there is no solution to get it to just copy to the dvd+r in the normal 15 minutes. Has anyone here ever tried to copy a filled dvd-r to a dvd+r disc? Seems to me like you can’t directly copy from -r to +r.