Copy Playstation 2 games

Can I burn Playstation 2 games whit Clonecd.

I have a Liteon 24x10x40 speed


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Yes, I think so, as long as you have a mod-chip in your playstation, the copy will work.


Read subchannel data from data tracks on
Read subchannel data from audio tracks on
The others off.

Burnproof/justlink on
Don’t repair subchannel data on
The others off.

Remember to use high quality media, since many playstations is very picky about media. Try kodak, verbatim datalifeplus , mitsui toatsu or taiyo yuden media…

So are PS2 games not DVD’s?? :confused:

I thought with it being a DVD player also, that the discs had been upgraded to DVD. Are they still just CD-Rom?

Or does CloneCD copy DVD’s if ya have a DVD writer.

Some are on CD

I dont think clonecd can copy DVD cds