Copy Planet Earth DVD set

Although it’s been over a year since the last copy Planet Earth DVD post, maybe someone has an update. I just want to back-up my PE set and am willing to buy the DL platters, so I’m not interested in shrinking or reauthoring, or anything fancy. I tried several freeware programs to rip one DVD to the HDD, and finally found one that didn’t give the dreaded copy protection prohibition, but found some file names and sizes were altered. I finally tried Windows Explorer and copy/pasted the one whole DVD to my HDD. Windows Media Player played the HDD directory (once I found the correct starting file) just like it plays the original DVD9 disk directly. Would a copy/paste from the HDD to a DVD-DL +R produce a usable DVD replica? It seems too simplistic to work, but I thought I’d ask anyway. I’m new to DVD burning, and the number of programs out there is confusing.

Rip to your hard drive (full disc) with DvdFab HD Decrypter, (Make sure it is set to Dvd9), available here:

Then burn with ImgBurn in Build Mode, you can follow this if you wish. Please use Verbatim DL.

I used the DvdFab free download to rip one disk - it truncated one of the files so I missed a second or two at the start when I played the segment with WinMedia Player. I substituted the file that I copy/pasted from the DVD-ROM to he HDD, and recovered the missing seconds. Is the DvdFab worth buying after the 30 day trial expires? Also, should I buy the Verbatim -R or +R DL’s when I go to burn with ImgBurn? Thanks!

Verbatim +R DLs.