Copy PhotoShop CS2 CD



I am new to this software, I’m not interested in creating
music CDs or copying games - I just want reliable copies of
my expensive application CDs. CloneCD looked like the best
bet so I wanted to try before I buy. I am trying to copy a
brand new Photoshop CS2 CD. It took over an hour to copy &
there were several errors in the log. The copied CD
appeared to run fine, but when I tried to install from it,
I kept getting “Error 1305” reading Comps.psd. I see that
people create profiles for CloneCD to thwart various copy
protection protocols. How do I know which one is giving me
the trouble? I really like the simplicity of this program
and will buy it today if I can see for myself that it
really will copy my application CDs. Thanks. Dom (I can
send you the log file if you wish).


Can you scan the CD with A-Ray and let us know what protection it uses?


do you have a link? is this something free? I see there are several versions, which one should I use (forgive my ignorance)


A-ray did not report anything on a scan or sector scan