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Hello all!
I 'm new to this forum so bare with me…
I wanna make a copy of NFSU2 and i tryied to do so with clonecd ,which by the way is the first time that i have used it, and i couldn’t make the copy, on the logsheet kept saying that there were errors in reading some sectors of the disk. I would really need some help on what to do…
Thank in advance for your help!
p.s I own a NEC 3520 dvd writer is that able of reading and writing copy protected game?

Try Alcohol software it best for backing up games

first, you could use the search button at the top of the page, it would definitely help you with your problem, as copying a SafeDisc protected game was discussed really often here before.

so, here’s the typical way:
download a protection scanner, such as A-Ray Scanner, and check the CD(s) and the installation-path for copy protections.
if there is one, the program will tell you which one, and (hopefully) which version.

this is the first thing you need to know, otherwise you would not know what to do for copying this special game…

after you know the protection (in your case, it should be a relatively new version of safedisc) you choose what program you need for copying it - i would prefer alcohol 120% (trial is available), as it can copy safedisc without need of emulation (as long as your hardware supports this)…

by the way: what hardware (especially cd-/dvd-reader and -writer) do you have?

so, in your case, you should set up alchol correctly, and then copy the protected cd (only one of them is protected, see above how to find out which one) using the copy wizard from alcohol. set the profile (at the bottom of the wizard-window) to safedisc (or safedisc 2/3 - that depends on your hardware, you have to try out) after that, you set the read speed to 4x (this is important!) and then let it do it’s job…

for safedisc: Read-Errors up to sector 12.000 are possible and absolutely NORMAL, they are part of the copy protection.

ok, when it comes to writing the image, also chose the safedisc (or safedisc 2/3) profile, also set then the write speed to 4x and give it a try.

hopefully, your just created backup should work…

btw: if you want to play from your burner, you need a tool that hides the atip information - which means that the copy protection cannot see, that it is a burned cd in the drive. only burners are capable of identifying if a burned cd-r is in your drive, so it is normally better not to play from a burner but from a normal cd-/dvd-drive…
IF you have to play from a burner, try to use alcohol’s “ignore media type” under emulation-settings.

if NFSU2 says something like: emulation software detected, just go into alcohol (and de-activate the virtual drive it created…)

hope this helps, next time - please use the search… :wink:


Thanks for all the help i 'll try that and post back to you on how it went…
By the way my reader-writer is a nec nd3520 is that suitable for copying safedisk2


If you can’t get it to work with Alcohol, give CloneCD a try using the Protected Game Profile which uses emulation. This should allow you to make a backup with virtually any drive. Just remember, you’ll need Hide CDR Media enabled for this to work correctly.

but remember that emulation, IF you should really want to do it, is only the LAST method you should try, as emulation is always very unsafe.
see, maybe today the emulation works, tomorrow will be released a new game-patch, which also updates the version of the copy protection and adds some extra blacklisting of emulation methods, and then your emulated backup won’t run until the emulation-tool is also updated…
you see, emulation is some kind of game of luck…

I ve already tryied with clonecd and the copy i made doesnt work the game prompts me to re enter the disk and try again… what else can i do?

Which profile did you use? Were you using the latest version of CloneCD ( Also, do you have Hide CDR Media installed.

When i make an emulation copy with Clonecd will it work on all pc’s or on just the one that i made the emulation from? cause the reason i need the copy is because both me and my brother play the game and i nedd the copy for my brothers pc

It will only work on computers with CloneCD on it and with Hide CDR Media enabled.

Thanks for all the help i will try the emulated copy and get back to you with the results…

what burner should i buy to be able to get pass the latest copy protections and dont have to use emulation?

That’s a tough one as there aren’t many drives that can do it. From what I’ve seen DVD burners seem to do better than CD burners. The only one I know for sure right off hand is the Sony DRU-500a, but since it’s such an old drive, you’ll have a real problem finding it, and I doubt you’ll want it. I’m sure others will be able to tell you newer drives that can do it.

try deamon tools for emulation:
pu the game in set to emulation play game for a minute or 2 stop playinying game then copy with alcohol try it ,its worked for me