Copy PAL tapes in N. America

Can someone recommend a good multi-region standalone DVD recorder to use in N. America for converting PAL VHS tapes? I already have a multi-system VCR and TV to watch the tapes, but want to burn them to DVDs now.

Thanks much. :bow:

If you have a computer, I’d recommend getting a video capture card and copying them to DVD via the PC.

If you’re intent on going standalone, then your best bet is to buy the latest issue of a Home Cinema magazine; in the UK, I’d recommend “Home Cinema” or “What Sound and Vision”. The technology changes so fast that the only way to keep up with it is to read the reviews and then go for a machine that matches your requirements and budget.


P.S. I think some of this info is available online, but I’m old-fashioned enough to go down the Newsagent and have a browse through the magazine rack.