Copy or Burn?

Our church recently decided to discontinue recording sermons on cassette tapes and we have purchased a digital recorder that will be connected to our Nady mixer via its ‘line in’ option.
I will be making CDs of the sermons for those requesting them from the MP3 files which the digital recorder makes.

My question is, 'After I burn the initial CD is it quicker to copy the required duplicates from this ‘Master CD’ or is it quicker to just burn each CD individually.

My desktop is an old e-machine with a 40 X CD writer. My notebook is a fairly new HP that has a DVD writer.

I just did a test on the time both computers took to create a 23 track music CD that we offer free on our web site.

The e-machine took 8 minutes 15 seconds from ‘start burn’ (using windows media player) to ejected CD.

The HP took about 1 minute total to copy the files and close the CD.

I have an LG GSA-E60l Super Multi DVD Rewriter (48X CD write) that I planned to use for the copying but I am wondering now if it would not be faster to just burn them individually from the HP instead of trying to copy them from the ‘Master CD’.

There will be about 100 CDs per month.

If it is indeed quicker to copy using the LG is there any fast FREE software that would make this process easy. The LG came with software but I have never really tried to copy from one CD drive to another with it and I am not familiar with its capabilities.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Hey there,
Acess times and read/write speeds of a hard drive are definitely superior to those of an optical drive, so yes, I think you’ll be better off burning each required CD individually. Also do bear in mind that your “burn” time also includes the time required for conversion of the music files from mp3 to cd audio which though not as intensive as the reverse operation does still add time to the burn which explains why your older desktop machine took 8 minutes to burn an audio cd.

Also I suggest using Nero or Nero Express which come bundled with most drives to burn your CD’s since they allow you to create and save a compilation which means that you don’t have to go through the trouble of re-creating a compilation for each burn session.

My $.02: Faster ain’t always better. Even though a drive may be rated 40X and the media 52X, for best compatibility with players 16X to 20X is probably better for burning.