Copy Options with Clone DVD2

Hi there,

I was attempting to back up a rather large DVD, and under the copy options of CloneDVD2 with the quality checked at DVD-5 it was about 53%, but when I changed the copy options to DvD ±r/rwDL it went to 100% quality.

I have a dual layer dvd recorder and was wondering what the differences would be between the two options as I have always only backed up my DVD’s using the DVD-5 option and have accepted whatever compression Clone DVD2 has given me.

Does the difference in the two copy options affect how the backed up DVD will play in a regular DVD player or anything like that?

Any information or assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Well, that % it shows you for a SL (Single Layer, DVD-5) isn’t that large, really. That means about 47% compression IIRC, as it goes backwards from 100% Of course, using a DL (Dual Layer) media gives you 8.5 gb compared to 4.37.

Of course, I do not know if you chose to “Clone” all DVD titles and menus or if you chose to do “titles” (the first button at the top right). If you didn’t try that, try it, and do “preview” at the left window, to see which title you might want to get rid of (by unchecking in the right side box; check it if you want to keep it).

Generally, your playback shouldn’t be affected if you are using a DL that is +, as if your burner supports bitsetting, it should be able to change the booktype to DVD-ROM, and that will make the DL media more “universal” (i.e., playable in more standalone DVD players); if you don’t have bitsetting in the burner you use, and you leave it as the DL type it is, you need to check your standalone DVD player BEFORE you burn to see if it accepts a DL media format you have, and will therefore play it. If it does not, you’ll have to use a DL or SL format it will take. :wink:

I just check t copy the main part of the DVD, no menus or extras or anything like that. All I have are single layer discs to copy to so I will try it with a dual layer DVD and see how it works,

Appreciate the help.

Well, sounds like you did the “copy dvd titles” option, or the first button. That’s not a lot of compression to use, really, although it might show it in the “red,” although that doesn’t necessarily follow the quality will degrade on the screen as CloneDVD2 claims. I’ve had several in that range, and they (on good media, like Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden) come out looking crystal clear, nice and sharp… :stuck_out_tongue:

Again, make sure to check your DVD standalone if it reads DL DVDs, and which format it takes, and if you have the +, be sure to use bitsetting to have the DL be recognized by your standalone as a DVD-ROM (the standard factory movie setting). :wink:

You’re welcome, and welcome to CDFreaks if you haven’t been welcomed already. :wink: