Copy one movie (of more) at a time from the menu of the source disc

Hi. I am trying to figure out what I need to do to rectify these problems. I have a Philips DVDR 985. I used it to transfer my collection of movies from VHS to DVD+R and RW. I also bought a new Dell Dimension 8400 with a DVD+RW drive. First I am having problems playing the DVD’s I made on the Philips DVDR 985 recorder on the Dell and to my other DVD players. They play then stick and may even freeze up. If I put them in the Philips DVDR 985 they will play fine. It seems that most of the problem I am having is with the discs I recorded on DVD+RW. Mind you that the Dell also has Philips drives. Also if I try to make an exact copy with the Dells software it will read the disc and them give me a message that there is a problem and the disk may need cleaning. Done that, dont work. OK now if we can fix this problem there is a second problem. Some of my discs have more than one movie on them. I would like to find some software that would let me choose only one movie at a time from the menu of the source disc and copy that rather than to make an exact copy to the new disc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dan