Copy on the fly with clone dvd

how do i copy on the fly with clone dvd
i have tried a few times now with no result
any help would be gratefull
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Easy as





Click on “DVD writer” and then “Go!”

@ FutureProof

Slightly off topic.

What are you using for your screen captures? The results look very good.

Nice small guide

thank you

cheers m8 i tried what you said and it works fine
cheers m8
thanks for the advice

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[B]@ FutureProof

Slightly off topic.

What are you using for your screen captures? The results look very good. [/B]

ummm ever tried the print screen button? (print scrn)

  1. make the program go on top of everything
  2. press alt+print screen (if u just press print screen it captures whole screen)
  3. go to ms paint, photo editor etc and “paste” or “paste as new image”

there a clone picture capture, same size!


No, I know how to do all that m8 but thanks. :slight_smile:

Just some software produces more vivid shots and they looked very good to me. Just tried Snagit and am getting great results now after trying various settings so ignore the above question FutureProof. :wink:

SnagIT is the best:)

save it in PNG form for the best in quality and size.

i tried it on the fly thought it worked but dident
what it does is copy to hard drive first then to dvd writer
when i click destination dvd writer it dont work
all i want to do is put a dvdr in my dvd rome and one in my dvd writer and just click copy
to be honest iam not impressed with clone dvd
dvd decrypter and dvd2one is far better
the only thing that i have noticed which is good is
when you put a multi dvdr in you can copy all or one of the films which are on the dvdr

I think that on the fly that you are asking for is way to hard, since the movie has to be converted to fit. I am pretty sure that It has to be bumped to the HD first. I am not 100% sure, Kinda new with this but That is what I have heard so far.

I would recommend SnagIt for screen captures as well!!

On the fly is not possible at the moment - just one lot of clicks though as shown.

I use HpersnapDX for grabs; each pic can be ftp’d from the app.

i use record now max and it does on the fly
i have 2 hard drives on raid so i can use them to give me 2048
when i copy a dvdr i mean i copy a copy
if you know what i mean
it misses out the hard drive
from the dvd rome to my dvd writer
the fastest way possible
that is the true meaning of copying on the fly you miss out the hard drive
i know you cant copy a d9 iam talking about a my own copys
so i gather clone dvd dont do it
as i said before iam very dissapionted
thanks for the help guys

makes more sence for that Bigjohn. Hope that Ollie reads this and adds that feature, that Would be really cool.