Copy of TL 34 + 37


Can anybody tell me how to make a copy of an original TL 34 + 37 whitout using a crack.


I made a image file with nero on my harddisk and burned it back to a 80min.!!! cd.
I’ve copyed TL 31 till 39 with this method and I never had a problem with it.

btw don’t use a HP burner like me first because then you won’t be able to copy the first of the 2 cd’s.


also name your disc TwilightXXA & TwilightXXB or the menu won’t work.

and snowie for that HP. i have a 8100 HP and I can burn them with no problems at all

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I made a copy of the original tl 34 and 37 last thursday with Cdrwin 3.7c.
If you use a good reader and settings on ignore read errors it wouldn’t give any problems. Overburn isn’t a problem, too.

You could also try to use blindread to copy it to your HD and burn it. (TIP: if you’ve succesfully copied the cd to the hd blindread automatically copies the volume name to the clipboard. If you use ‘paste’ for the volume name, you have less chance on errors with the volume name.)


To Redneck:
If I tryed to copy TL34 and 35 with my old Hp8100i I couldn’t close the first cd’s.
But I didn’t had any problems with the ather ones with Hp.