Copy Of Movie Audio Is In Directors Voice-Change?

I been copying movies and have had no problems. Upgraded AnyDVD and made a movie and audio has directors comments in background. Copied with CloneDVD 2. When playing on computer with PowerDVD can’t find out or can’t get rid of it. Played on DVD player and same story. Can’t get rid of it. I cna’t use movie because it frowns out voices. Is it my software or something else? Help appreicated, thanks.

Why not use DVD Shrink. It is free and works very well.

Sounds like your software either used the wrong audio subchannel or deleted the wrong subchannel.

I 2nd the use of DVD Shrink & choose the sub channels you want to keep (and also play the movie just to check). Also remeber some movies have hidden subtitiles that must be kept

I too have just encountered a problem while recording I Robot, no matter what setting I use with clone dvd I get the directors comments on the disk…

Found the answer. I had in audio 2 channels checked. ^ channels has to be checked. Did that and have had no problems.