Copy of DVD will play, but not Original

My back up of Madagascar will play in both my LiteOn drives, but the original will no longer play, using WMP-10 or PowerDVD, the original plays fine in my stand alone, but it will not play in either 'puter DVD. Something happened, as it used to play fine everywhere ??? Could I have some kind of bug or conflict that will not allow Mad to play ??? It seems to be only a mad thing, other original DVD’s play fine ???

just read an article here that madagascar has copy protection.

yes, it has copy protection, VobBlanker will remove it for DVD back-up burning. The original off the shelf DVD played in both my drives just a couple days ago, but now it will not. Are LiteOn Optical drives tempermental, about playing New DVD’s that are copy protected ??? Could there be some kind of software conflict/haunting, that all of a sudden will not let LiteOn drives using PowerDVD6 play copyprotected DVD’s ? Again the Store-bought Mad DVD plays fine in my standalone DVD player, but it will not play in my computer DVD drives. Just stuck in Million Dollar Baby DVD, it plays fine everywhere. Or, is there one little scratch on the Mad original DVD that is confusing my LiteOns ?

do you use anydvd by anychance? if so update to new version

I have 5511 AnyDvD, does AnyDvD effect how a store-bought DVD “plays” in a LiteON DVD drive, I am not trying to burn a copy, just play the original DVD. It played until just a few days ago, now it won’t. I have added and removed some other DVD burning softwares, looking for the “best” combination for my preferences.