Copy of dvd made in sony video recorder won't work in xbox



I have successfully made copies of videos on my computer but my computer dvd recorder has broken–so I bought Sony VRD_VC20–thought i could transfer old movies and use it as an axternal drive as well. The +R dvds produced from my computer before it broke worked perfectly in the xbox, but when made with this sony device they will not play in the xbox. They will however play in a cheap dvd player. Any suggestions? We use the xbox for most of our movie and home movie watching. Thanks!


Check out which DVD drive model you have in your xbox.

Certain models are extremely picky about what discs they play back. Changing your burner might be just enough to put it over the line from playable to unplayable. Some people have had success adjusting the pots inside the drive, but if you don’t already know how to do it, I wouldn’t recommend mucking around in there.


Thank you so much for the reply and the web sight. Perhaps we just won’t use the xbox to watch our movies.
I am just amazed that it would read copied dvds(+R) when burned in the computer but not when burned by the Sony vc20. pIcky I guess. I really don’t feel comfortable adjust ing the pots–I don’t even know what theyare:) Do you think I should try -R?
Also, does anyone know why audio would not work when making a dvd in the sony vc20. I was using an old sony HI8 camcorder connected to the sony dvd vc20. It’s so frustrating. I used sony +Rdvds. thanks for your help