Copy of audio cd cannot be read by one reader



I received a copy of an audio cd (so i am not sure how it has been copied). I can play this audio cd in all of my cd readers, except for the reader in my car. First this reader starts spinning the cd for a while and then ejects it again saying: ERR-CD.
Anyone got an idea why?


This is a common problem. Some car-cdplayers
have problems reading burned cd’s. Sony has this problem very much. I don’t know what brand of cdplayer you have in your car but this is very likely the problem.


Tha Sentinel


The reader is a philips CDR500. However, some burned cd’s are read without any problem!


I’ve got the same problem with my Kenwood player… I use That’s Write CD’s. Sometimes the CD’s won’t be read or it skips parts of the track…

Maybe you can find some information over here :

Please mail me if u found the solution!.