Copy of a copy

hey guys…i know that this was asked before but i can’t find this topic with the search-function.

I just wanna know if it is possible to make a working copy of a working copy!

i’m talking about the current/recent protections like securom 4.xxxxx (ut2k3 copied with blindwrite) and safedisc 2.8 (nfshp2 copied with alcohol 120%).

I’ve got a liteon ltr 32123s@40125s
and a yamaha crw-f1 as well as a toshiba sd-m1612

i just have my copies cuz my original cds became victim by my little brother. i just want to avoid coasters and stress.

thanks in advance mates!


i’m no expert at this… but i think i’ll say yes.

Safedisc, any version, no problem.

Securom very new, you’ll need to be very lucky (in short, probably not) but if you’ve kept the bwa file you used to make the original copy you can make a working copy quite easily from a non-bwa copy (i.e. one made solely to install but not to run the game).

Thank youu very much! this helped me a lot!