Copy of a Copy

Hey, I was having an issue with a mistake I made when I started using Memorex… I watched a few seemingly perfect dvd’s and found that they weren’t so perfect. The footage gets skippy at parts, and if restarted the skips aren’t always in the same place. So, I figured I’d reburn it using the original copy on the memorex since, if the skips aren’t in the same place then it must be OK in a way… so first question…

What is the cause of the skips, and am I right in thinking the material can be copied from said discs?

However, I put the dvd’s in my computer and Clonedvd showed no disc at all in the drive.
So, I went to the drive itself, and again it showed no disc.
Then, I opened dvdshrink and it showed a disc in the drive… I clicked on it, and dvdshrink promptly froze.

Essentially if the answer is a ‘yes’ to this next question, I suppose the first question doesn’t need an answer.

Does the above issue suggest I have no chance at re-copying?


Try using DVDDecrypter to copy those ‘copies’, bit for bit. Decrypter may produce a workable copy of those copies.

However!!!..all this won’t work with you continuing to use those Memorex (CMC-MAG) discs…try some Verbatims or TaiyoYudens. Burning too fast to poor quality blank discs is a main contributor to copies that freeze, pixelate, or stutter.

If DVDDecrypter can’t copy those copies for you, I’m afraid you’ll need to re-copy the originals…and remember to use better media (blank discs)

Yes, I’ve switched to verbatim, and I’ve been highly impressed. However, I copied dvd’s onto memorex’s and since i had the dvd’s… i never watched the backups… then, now that some older ones are scratched, I’ve started watching the backups and they are a disgrace. The verbatims play so well I’d rather switch the material to them.

For copying ‘backups’ you might as well use ImgBurn. They are already decrypted and ImgBurn is the further development of the burning engine from DeCrypter.