Copy of a copy

I’ve run into a problem when trying to make a copy of a copy. The initial backup of the original burns fine and plays fine in the DVD player. When I go to make a copy of the backup I keep getting read failures. I’ve tried this with Happy Feet and Blood Diamond. Both play fine in my DVD player, but hang up when trying to make a backup. Any ideas?

Hi rhazzon
Why don’t you use the original DVD to make another copy, why use the backup that you made :confused:

I didn’t have the original with me at the location I was making the copy. I wanted an extra copy for the in-car DVD player and tried making a copy from the copy I had on me at the time. That being said, is there a reason this doesn’t work?

If it is a read error or failure try cleaning the disc, if this does not work there may be something wrong with the burning process from before.
May want to try using ISOBuster on the backups and extract the files to the HDD and copy from there :cool:
BTW burning to fast can cause this issue :frowning: read The Burning Factor in my signature has good tips in it :bigsmile:

Just a few suggestions, the best one of which was posted by Stormjumper–see if you can get the original back.:slight_smile: My son has taken tons of my originals to college, so I know access can be a problem. In the meantime, you might also try disabling the Read Ahead Cache in Common Settings–>Read, try reading the copy in a different drive, change the error handling settings in Common Settings: I have mine set for 5 retries skipping 2 sectors. That will force the drive to really grind at the bad spot to try and extract data. It may also cause windows to drop the drive out of DMA transfer mode, so verify and reset if necessary.

It’s definately a read problem - it brings the computer down to its’ knees. I’ve tried three different computers with 5 different drives - no dice! But it reads just fine in my home DVD player.

Wow, I have never had one to quite what you describe. Usually the other way around, plays fine in PC, dies in standalone player. Do you have any analysis tools, like VSO Inspector or Nero CD/DVD Speed? Both are free and will scan the disc for bad spots. The old DVD Decrypter (the one by Lightning_UK, also free) could also read marginal discs well. If you open the disc with windows explorer, can you see the VIDEO_TS folder and the files inside? (Sorry if you’ve answered that already). I don’t have a link for it but as Stormjumper suggested, ISObuster might be able to extract the files.

Hi, if you have the old DVD Decrypter, it inserts dummy sectors also so it may copy the problem disk.Just a shot in the dark.Also, welcome to the forum rhazzon. ~ Mike

Interesting. I had no problem copying/backing up the original commercial DVD, but for an experiment, I tried copying my own backup of Blood Diamond, and got an immediate error telling me that DVDFab Platinum was closing.
However, I was able to copy it just fine in Alcohol 120. Not sure if this is part of the reason, but the original copy of course is already decrypted so just needs to be direct copied (why a normal burning program will burn it just fine). Maybe DVDFab gets confused because the copy is already decrypted and compressed? Dunno, but that is why it’s best to have a number of different copying/burning programs for just this reason.


I tried a different program and it refused to copy it also. I’m wondering now if the DVD drive is marginal. I also tried burning a copy from the original and noticed long burn times of over 30 minutes. Writing was at 1.x speed. This was odd as I just reset the DMA and rebooted. Drive is an 18x burner and TDK media is rated at 16x.

Did you try the clone in DVDFAB

Is there any particular reason why you would want to use DvdFab to copy a copy? The “original” copy is already decrypted and you can copy it simply enough with the dvd copy component of any general mastering program (e.g. nero).

Try using the old DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink (but don’t shrink it) or FAB 2.9XXX. Make sure the copy can be played on your computer using NERO Showtime or your favorite player first. Usually if NERO Showtime can play it, it can be played anywhere and copied by anything (except possibly FAB 3.XXX). I had to do the same thing when my cat got a hold of my Ultraviolet original. I found it 2 days later. Luckily, I had backed it up already and so I created a 2nd copy using FAB 2.9XXX.


If I have probs burning a backup of a backup, I copy to HDD and burn from there…
I’m not to fond of copy on the fly!!!

DVDFAB will burn to the HD first then burn to the target, it doesn’t copy on the fly

I also just tried this and copied a disc I backed up two days ago using DVDFab read the backup disc with no problem and produced a flawless copy on my HDD. I have Blood Diamond but haven’t made a backup yet. DVDFab has trouble with RWs burned with some standalone recorders (but not mine). That may be a conflict with UDF versions between the standalones and what Fab is trying to use. I have found DVDFab to read anything I’ve put in the drive, the only exception being the occasional Sony disc that requires an update. But I agree that you can never have too many tools for dealing with DVDs.

as a test…I just made a copy of my copy of Blood Diamond and it copied with no problems. I use fab gold with a lite-on. good luck

OP never mentions anything about using DVDfab to copy a copy(first post)… So I never mentioned Fab as copy on the fly… just how I get it done!!!
Just my 2 cents… :slight_smile:
Funny how some get all riled up about others advise… :sad: