Copy of a copy

I’ve used AnyDVD and CloneDVD without any problems. I’m having a problem though copying a cloned DVD. I use the Copy DVD Titles selection and DVD Writer Ouput Method with CloneDVD and wondering if this is the problem. When CloneDVD tries to read the cloned DVD it tells me its: Unable to read video files from D:/VIDEO_TS and D:/VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.IFO Unable to open file. The Cloned DVD works fine in any DVD player. Does the cloned DVD need to be created differently to allow cloning the clone later?

You can copy a copy. There are a few ways it can be done.

  1. Drag and Drop your copy onto your hard drive, then use the “Write Existing Data” to burn your second copy.

  2. If you want to copy the copy as the way you did the original, You should turn off AnyDVD. I have heard of people having this same issue while trying to copy a non protected DVD with AnyDVD turned on.

anydvd on or off does not make a difference here.

if you’ve copied the dvd on poor meda and/or burned it too fast then it’s likely the disc is simply unreadable. many dvds can play just fine, but can’t be copied to due poor quality burns.

your best bet is to make another copy from the original.

Different dvd drives and players have differing levels of ability to deal with marginally readable optical media. And age of the device has little to do with it (as my old Pioneer DVL-909 combo laser disc/dvd player consistently handles media other newer players gag on).

I suggest you test the dvd you are trying to copy by simply opening up Windows Explorer and trying to drag/drop the files to a hard disk directory. If you get read errors, you know there are problematic sections of the disc. If they come across to your hard drive without problem, you should be able to burn from those files.

If you are really curious about the quality of the source dvd, you could run something like DVD InfoPro and do a read check on the disc to check for read errors.

And if you have CloneCD you can also copy a copy that way