Copy of a copy cd not possible?

Hello i made a backup of a safedisc 2/3 game with alcohol 120.

Works fine.

But to make another backup of that backup is not possible.

Any idea ???

what is stopping you ?

the copy does not start up.

If the 1st copy was not exact to start with subsequent copies of the copy will only get worse.

I suppose the copy protection is not removed on a copy ? cause i am getting read errors in the beginning.

The copy protection is copied over also, the read errors are likely part of the protection used (probably Safedisc). Just let the read continue and the errors should stop around sector 10500.
It would still be better to read an image from the original CD

ok thanks…

You still have the originals right?

@Portmac (Sorry if im going off topic) What is your display picture??

Well he will have a better chance of getting a working backup if he were to read from the original CD…

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Tis a little puppy dog.
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Its a little early in the morning in the UK for that…lol.

Maybe he wants to copy from the copied because he doesn’t own the game and he cannot copy it again from the copy for other friends. Maybe he did the first copy to have the game from a friend and now he does not want to borrow the original every time he wants to copy it to a friend of him. :wink: :cop:

I say we let the guy speak before we make allegations.

@georgedimgd - comments like that are not helpful. You don’t have any proof of those allegations and you maybe detracting from this site for other potential forum users.

If the copy of a copy will not work (and you’ve used the same method to backup the game as you did to make the original copy), then i would suggest backing up the original disc again. :slight_smile:

You never know CD 1986. What do you all have with me in this site? You don’t like my saying the truth about piracy.

Everyone knows piracy exists - that’s not the issue. You can’t just accuse people of illegal activities because they have given you a few facts that by no means constitute proof of wrong doing.

There is nothing wrong with expressing your views, but there is no reason to go pointing the finger at people when you don’t know all the facts.

You are right. Excuse me.

But mhijma does seem to be a little quiet, if he did have the original CD, then why make a 2nd copy of that straight away?

Maybe he wants to…I have dont it many times just for something to do.
Now enough with accusations that he may be doing/trying to do something illegal :cop:

To get back to the original subject : Read the copy at a slower speed, or in a different reader : you must not get errors before sector 800. If you do, you won’t be able to make a backup of you backup (even the mounted image will not work).

Hello guys i tried to make a copy of a copy because the original is at my sons house.
I ALWAYS make backups of their games.
But anyway today he is here with the original and we can make a new backup.