Copy Navigation DVD is it possible?

Hi all!

I have a nice DVD Navigation system in my Car.

As it is very pricely to buy a new one when broke, I want to make a “copy” just with a specific language.

Of course I tried several proggys but because it is a data dvd I did not succeed. :frowning:
The nav. DVD is about 6,5G

I’m quite new into DVD but I can manage to make a copy of my DVD for own use :smiley:

Any suggestions?

THX a lot!

If this is pure data on the DVD, I don’t think you can copy it. I guess the data is stored in some database driven way and it’s not made to tamper with.

Leaving stuff off or so won;e help you out I’m afraid. As you can’t compress the data on it, there no room to gain there as well.

For the best, you’d bave to wait for the DL burners to become available, as those can burn about 8.5Gb on a DL DVD disc…
All you have to do is hope that your system can read these media!