Copy my Stronghold 2 disc

Hi, I have the game Stronghold 2 and I would like to make a working copy of the play disc. However, it is protected by SecuROM 7.02. What do I need to do? I have 1Click DVD (latest version) and DVD43 (latest version). Thanks for your help!

Is the play disc a cd or a dvd?

Daemon tools will help to load/play the image w/ a 3rd party plug-in…however, to make an image u will need Blindwrite or Alcohol.

also to make note…the game is protected by SecuRom 7 and emulation will be needed for a 1:1.

It’s a CD. I’ve downloaded Blindwrite and Alcohol and I’m going to try to figure it out from there, but if you have any tips I’d appreciate it.

See tutorials for-

  1. RMPS emulation copy

  2. Non-emulation twinsector copy.

I read both tutorials and tried them but still no working BU. Stronghold still asks for original cd-rom