Copy music/songs from the new cd from Gorillaz


Just last week I bought the latest cd with the band Gorillaz, the cd’s name is Demon Days.

I’m trying to copy the songs into my IBM Laptop in my workplace but I can’t get any songs of the cd into my laptop. I’m aware that the cd is Copy Controlled as labelled on it’s cover but some of you must be able to help me by telling me how I can copy the songs into my laptop or how I can copy the entire cd with some additional software. I have a cd-writer on my laptop.

I’m a newbie here and I hope some of you can give me some advice.

With greetings from sunny Iceland :smiley:

Install AnyDVD> Restart computer> Rip/Copy CD with whatever tool you wish>Burn back to CD.

Hi again

Now I’ve installed AnyDVD on my laptop and restarted. After the laptop has restarted AnyDVD is working in the background and when I put my Copy Controlled CD into my D:drive AnyDVD starts working and gives me the following message :

Summary for drive D:
Drive (Hardware) Region: 2

Media is a Data CD.

The I start my IBM RecordNow software in order to copy the CD but it can’t find any info on the cd. I must be doing something wrong. Should I use CloneCD along AnyDVD or what ?

With best wishes for your help.

I can make CloneCD make an image file from the cd and I can see all the 15 songs (actually 15 files) there but from there on I cant make a copy or mp3 files for single songs onto my laptop or onto a new cd. I need more help from anyone, please :rolleyes:

Breaking copy protection is pretty dependent on the drive you use (unless it’s MediaMax), your laptop drive might just not be able to handle it.