Copy Music DVD to DVDR, AudioCD and MP3

I have ordered some Music-DVD disks and wonder if such disks use the DVD-video format, that is MPEG-2 for both video and audio (and not DVD-Audio or CD-Audio for its music tracks)?

Next I wonder if Nero Linux has built-in features and capability alone, or by help of additional free tools, to

  1. Copy Music DVD and burn to DVDR disk (backup)?
  2. Extract Music DVD audio tracks and convert to/burn AudioCD?
  3. Extract Music DVD audio tracks and convert to MP3?
  4. Create “Music-DVD” from mp3 and video and/or digital stills as slideshow?

If not Nero Linux 3.5.2 yet has this features, I wonder if the upcoming 4.0(?) update will have some of this? (is relase date know?)

If those discs are copyproteced, then it wouldn’t be possible to copy them with Nero Linux… I guess… havn’t tried it now. Why don’t you try it and share with us ?!