Copy multiple iso to one dvd?

Is this possible?
What I am trying to do is cut some family movies and make one dvd - but i don’t know which one of the following is possible/right way?

  1. make multiple isos and then burn them onto one dvd

  2. make vts files (the one where there are two diffrent folders - video and audio) - and then from there make the dvd

  3. what is the fastest way to accomplish this??
    thanks a lot guys…

The number one of your choice is the fastest one and number two is more efficient way.

how can I burn the multiple iso’s? would clonedvd allow me to do that?

Do it with either Nero6.6 or Nero7.

so in Nero - just combine one after another or just all at the same time?

If you want to copy existing .iso files you should do just as with normal data files.
It would matter just in case you would like to burn one of them to a disc in order to rebuild the original source.

As you want to get a disc with family movies (you used the word “cut”), is it important to you to be able to play the movies using a home player?

If this is the case, I fear you should consider a dif way and use a video editor and/or a DVD authoring software.

best way ive done it is to use divxtodvd and then use dvdshrink. make sure you highlight the files in the reverse order or else the iso you burn will be played in reverse. so if you have episodes 1 and 2 highlight 2 then one or else it will play episode 2 then 1. i tried burning 2 iso’s onto a disk but it only played one of them so as far as im concerned 2 iso’s cant share the same disk. this may be untrue for some but on my pc and player it is truth.

I dont think any of this stuff worked…in case if I did not make myself clear ( I apologize) I have a dvd - out of which I want to copy only certain parts - to another dvd…

I completely forgot that I had made this post - is it possible to convert the scenes to “vob” files - and then convert all the “vob” from different sources to one iso file?