Copy Multiple CD's to DVD

Hi I just bought my first DVDRW drive it is a LITE-ON SHM-165P6S and it came bundled with Nero Express 6.

First things first, im a complete nub when it comes to this stuff, I can just about burn music CD’s, DVD’s are a whole new territory for me.

I own a copy of World of Warcraft in CD format. The problem is it comes on 5 CD’s, I wanted to backup to DVD (hopefully only using 1 or 2) so that the installer program will still work. Also I believe that WoW has right protection, does this stop me from backing up the cd’s? If someone could tell me what I need to do to copy the CD’s to DVD so that I dont end up wasting a bunch of DVD’s in error trying to figure it out for myself I would be most appreciative.

Thanks in advance.
JoeyBananas :confused:

Hi, welcome to the forum.

In short: Copy/paste all 5 cd’s content to your local harddisk subdirectory and make a dvd out of it. If it doesn’t work you’re out of luck.

As easy as that?

Hehe will give it a go. fingers crossed

. I’m not 100% sure that M. Belvedere noticed this, as with games it can be far more tricky than just copying the CDs to a DVD. Is this “World of Warcraft” a game?

Yes WoW is a large online game much like Runescape. It comes in two formats DVD and CD. I have yet to see anyone successfully change a CD install to a DVD install.

If it’s like other games, it’s possible but it requires:

  1. Clone CD (or some other special tool) to rip to disc images (.nrg, .iso…)
  2. Burn the images to a data DVD
  3. To install/play, Use DaemonTools to load the images as “regular” CDs.

I backup up my games this way, but it wasn’t a breeze, and loading the right images is sometimes complicated depending on the game. I woudln’t recommend it unless one has a LOT of motivation to gain space. :wink:

ahh sounds a bit more complicated now :frowning: if that is the case I will just stick to cd backup. Thanks for your advice.

I agree but going by the posters question and response he wanted to create an installable DVD from the CDs thus losing the “regular” CD part altogether, so it installs in much the same way games on DVD do. This is what I meant by not seeing it done yet.

Is it not possible then to do this with any game? Regardless of copy protection. I hate when you have to change the CD 5 times on installation which is why I often buy DVD copies, I didnt realise at the time I had bought a CD version.
Surely it must be possible to copy say 3 CD’s to 1 DVD and do it in such a way that the installer program recognises CD#1 for the first part then CD#2 for the second part etc… without having to remove disks?

How often do you install the game? Surly not Every time you play it? I think you are out of luck trying to put it on DVD.

To be honest I don’t think it has anything to do with copy protection, but more with the instructions contained in the installer/set up exe file on the disc. They differ, as I understand it, between a CD and DVD install.

The reason I wanted to backup the game was because I wished to lend the CD’s to a friend along with a trial period login key. This is perfectly legal and actively encouraged by Blizzard because it drums up new interest. There is no way for a new player to download the game so you have be provided the game by a friend. My mate lives 200 miles away. I didnt want to risk loss or damage in posting the original product, thats what roused my interest. Now i just want to know if it is possible for any game.

I haven’t heard that fairy tale before. Nono, don’t reply with an excuse. Don’t bother. Really.

If this is possible with any game? No. Every game may have its own method of installation, setup and filenames. Some games use a lot of cd’s with the same (file)names while others don’t.

There is no general standard solution to put a lot of game cd’s onto a dvd. Period.