Copy ms office

I have ms office 97 on my computer do not have disc. I would like to copy on cd.I have a cd burner and ahead nero 5. when I try to copy it says restricted or some thing to that effect. Is a program available or what do I do??? :confused:

how is office 97 on your computer?
if its installed then you can`t just copy it of and install it else were.

it is installed from a copy of the original cd onto my computer. So what your saying is I need to copy a cd. I cannot copy from my computer?

would it be easier if you just copy the original Office 97 CD?

if you don’t have the original cd, i don’t think there’s anything you can do if you only have it installed.

I was afraid of that. Thanks to all. See ya soon.

you may be able to find a way to burn the folder onto a disc which you could then use but im not sure how you would do that. If the folder has the program files in it and all the other stuff it might be possible.

Dont give up too easily, I have a feeling it is possible, try copying the entire folder and burning it as regular data to see what happens.

just copying a folder will not do anything, registry values etc have to be copied as well, but I seem to remember Norton used to have an utilitie to do such things.

silver-spirit is correct. There are registry entries and files which are placed in your Windows system folder and other files which are placed in other folders. Unless you know exactly which files are in the folders, there is no way to duplicate the install.

Waht about a image file of the whole HD.