Copy Mpegs onto a DVD.....How?

I have a few MPegs that are just a little over 700 megs each…so I can’t put them on a CD with Nero 6. I have DVD FAB Platinum for copying DVDs . But, what software do I need to put 4 of 5 of these SCI_FI Mpegs onto a DVD.
Please help…

Depends what you want to do, just store them. Or convert to vob to play on a TV DVD player (which I am assuming).

I have not heard of DVD Fab before, but I think Nero can convert mpg files to .vob etc, by burning in “DVD video” mode.

Tks for that. I just wanted to burn the mpegs onto a DVD I don’t know what a VOB is, but yes I want to be able to put them into my DVD player and play them on the TV. It plays mpegs.

If your DVD player will really play bare MPEG1 or MPEG2 files, then just use your copy of Nero to burn the files to the DVD as data.