Copy mp3 files to dvd

I have a bunch of old radio shows in the mp3 format that I would like to burn onto a dvd so that I can listen to them on the dvd player in my car.

I have Nero 7.0 and Roxio Easy Media Creator 8. Is there a better software package available to do this with?


nero 7 should work just fine

Every time I use Nero I get the error that the format is not recognized. Is there a limit to the number of mp3 files that I can put on the disc and play int the dvd player?

Roxio will only let me put around 50 files but I get the format error again.

are you creating a data disc? there shouldnt be a limit to how many files you can put on disc as long as the total size doesnt exceed the space of the dvd.

MP3’s are data and can be easily transferred to a blank DVD-just like any other data. Personal choice for software is Ashampoo Burning Studio 6. Does virtually every task on most any drive out there. Not bloated with Packet Writing or other junk.

Many DVD players won’t play MP3s on DVD without a playlist.

Roxio 7 does this well as will Acoustica CD Burner. Don’t know about Roxio 8 as it’s not a patch on Roxio 7.

You must finalise the discs to have any chance of success & don’t use multi-session as I’m sure that won’t work.

Also some players might be funny about RW media or not like DVD+R or not like DVD-R.