Copy Movies



put a sony dvd/cd rewritable drive in my computer, uses nero software.question which dvd blank should i use to copy movies. i tried a dvd+r and didnt work.


Need more information buddy. What model of burner is it you bought? You also don’t say in what way it didn’t work (like the burn process failed or the dvd burned but wouldn’t play back; and in what device you were trying to play it back with)




Does your drive burn to +R’s or -R’s or both?


more info on ur burner and the nero problem u are having would help us out to slove ur problem.


the dvd i put in was a sony model dru-720a, and the software is nero ver
you can write to both + and -.


burner copies both. the drive is a sony dvd/cd model dur-720a and the software is nero


burner is a sony dru-720a, writes both + and - . nero software vers
tried to copy dvd+ on the image (just to test) and didnt like the blank.