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I just purchased a Liteon 5005 with the main purpose to archive my collection of commercial VCR movies to DVD unable to do so, I would guess because of copywrite protection?? I can copy these movies via another vhs recorder and was advised by the sales clerk if I could do this then I could copy to DVD.
Any advice will be appreciated.


You will need to hack the firmware to disable macrovision.

If you do a search, you will find alot about this.

Check out this link for some info.

Get the latest firmware from liteon then go here to download ILO Hacker and use the instructions on page


A simple “little black box” called a digital video stablizer will let you make tape to tape copies


Why spend money on a video stabilizer, when you can hack the firmware for free?
I actually have a video stabilizer which I bought before I new about the hack.

Now I never use it. I can copy commercial VHS tapes and commercial DVD’s to DVD because of the macrovision hack.


still useful for tape to tape copies


Are people still doing tape to tape copies?


My 5005 was manufactured June 2005, I assume it would have the latest firmware, is there a way to check what version is on the machine
thank you


press setup look upper right for XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX (XXX) (XXX)

newest is 0098


I downloaded the firmware fron Liteonit and the program from ILO and followed the directions, but when I get to the “select firmware file” button I get an error message in the status window— Searching File-- error: could not find Macrovision hex string and I can not go any further, I have tried every which way from Sunday noavail, I know I must be doing something wrong but! ??


Did you unzip the firmware file from liteon?
When you use the ILO Hacker, look for the unzipped file by clicking on Select Firmware File.
Then select the firmware file.
It will then automatically make a hack folder, with the hacked version in it


Yes I did unzip the firmware file from liteon but when I click on select firmware file I get the error message “could not find Macrovision hex string” I don’t know where to go from here. I was wondering since I have a new machine with update firmware is it possible to copy just the ILO Hacker file and then install it directly to the 5005 recorder


Which file did you try Ilohacker on the ES5 or E20? The hack is done on the ES5 file.


When I click on “Select Firmware File” a window opens, “Select an ILO Firmware File”.
Now locate the firmware folder that was just unzipped.
Then click on file in folder, than the file is automatically hacked.

Not sure why yours isn’t working like that.
Unless its the drive firmware you have and not system firmware


Amen its working and I want to thank you guys Kurb, CCRomeo, JM1647 first time I did anything like hacking and now I are one, I used a bunch of dvds and cds but worth it
thanks to all!!!


Glad to hear its working for you, reb960


Good luck with your 5005