Copy movie with clone dvd


Clone DVD copies movie and everythng seems to be normal. But when you look at the DVD copy there is nothing on it. This has happened several times to my daughter and myself. I am using a memorex dvd for the copy. It is an original movie with no scratches on it. Maybe it is the quality of the memorex DVD. Any suggestions.

the nerdherdman

Memorex if definitely not one of the higher quality DVD medias. Also, make sure that your DVD burner supports the type of DVD you’re trying to use. For example, if your DVD burner can only burn DVD-R’s, then you can’t use DVD+R’s, and vice versa.

more ifo. The latest version of clone dvd and copy dvd. This has just started happening in the last 2 versins of clone dvd.

What is the version number for the one you are using?